At Virtual Tech we have a diverse range of employees with a mix of IT generalists and specialists.

This allows us to offer the broad range of IT services. We aim to employ fully qualified consultants, but we do not only look for qualifications as employment criteria. We also look for staff who can show an aptitude or have the employment history which shows they have the ability to work within the highly pressurised environment of information technology. Virtual Tech board of directors and technical team have a high enthusiasm for Information Technology, which is demonstrated in our approach and delivery.


IT Support

Business class technical concierge service and proactive problem prevention.


Backup and Disaster Recovery

Reliable business continuity and disaster recovery options for business of all sizes.



Secure email security gateway that protects your business from cyber threats.


vCloud Hosting

Elevate the performance of your network and applications with fast vCloud Hosting.


Professional Services

Infrastructure consultancy and development services to empower your business.


Hardware Supply

Leading hardware from HP Enterprise, Dell, Cisco and EMC.


Our Team

Virtual Tech Consultants each have over ten years’ experience providing formal project management services. We have worked with organisations of all sizes and all with significantly differing approaches to project management. All clients, large and small, benefit from our rigorous methodology and the use of our proprietary project management tool.

  1. Identification of objectives
  2. Design of the solution
  3. Proof of concept testing
  4. Implementation process
  5. Commission and approval
  6. Ongoing support

Get in touch with us today to learn how we can help your business. Or, if you are interested in seeing our work you can review our Case Studies for the past, existing and future projects.

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