Professional Services

Professional Services

From start to finish, we will be there.

Virtual Tech Professional Services offer consultancy services based around the major infrastructure platforms which are on the market today. We can design and develop an entirely new solution, or can simply offer guidance and advice to move your own solutions forward.






If your organisation is planning a special project, new department, premises or restructuring, you will probably be considering deploying new IT Systems and supporting services. In order to do this efficiently, you will need an IT partner well used to complex, customer–centric planning and project management. You will require expertise, significant resources and experienced project leaders to be up and running on time, and on budget.

Our Professional Services team will work closely with you in the planning stages to define every last detail of logistics to make sure the process goes smoothly. We will look at your premises, assess and plan how long to spend with each user so they can accept the new system when implemented. Our technical services team will analyse the hardware requirements and institute plans to ensure “best of breed” provisioning.

Through our range of professional services our goal is simply to enable you to make the best use of IT in your business within available budgets. Virtual Tech's flexible approach means that we can undertake a full outsource of your IT, or work in a co-source capacity alongside your existing teams and service providers.

Whether you’re looking for financial savings, service quality improvements or skills coverage, we’re confident that our services will exceed expectations in every area.