4 tips to keep your business' IT running smoothly

IT systems are essential to most organisations today and especially so since the COVID-19 pandemic made working from home so widespread. Reliance on IT is commonplace and investing in a robust system can be crucial to business resilience. It’s also important to ensure that you know how to keep your business’ IT running smoothly once it is in place. These are our top tips for helping to ensure that you do that.

Tackle issues as soon as they arise

Anything left undealt-with tends to escalate and that’s especially true for IT issues. The faster an issue is diagnosed the quicker it can be resolved. If you are leaving problems because you don’t want to deal with them then they are much more likely to do more damage in the longer term. So, make it a priority to tackle problems as soon as they arise where your IT is concerned, whether that relates to performance, access or capability.

Invest in the cloud

The cloud has a great deal to offer businesses when it comes to keeping IT running smoothly. Storage and applications in the cloud are on a secure and separate network, which means they are protected from any intrusion into your business network. The cloud provides a range of options for reducing cost and can be a critical component in ensuring that your IT operations are scalable and so can continue to run smoothly no matter what pressure they come under. The cloud is also a key resource when it comes to backing up applications, files and data. Even something as simple as a PC shutting down can mean that you lose access to business critical information – unless this has also been backed up to the cloud.

Focus on the simple things

Sometimes it’s the smallest steps that will deliver the greatest protection to your business IT. For example, encouraging positive password habits will protect devices and your networks so that you’re not the victim of a preventable security breach simply because a member of staff didn’t understand how to use passwords effectively. Ensuring hardware and software are up to date too is another very simple way to keep your business running smoothly. Software updates need to be regularly downloaded to fix bugs and apply patches and hardware can become vulnerable when it’s out of date.

Create contingencies

If the worst happens – whether that is a digital breach or a physical disaster like a fire or a flood – how will your business survive? Disaster recovery contingencies ensure that you have plans in place well in advance of any adverse events occurring. They provide you with the greatest possible chance of surviving a disaster and mean that you have a clear way forward even in a tense and uncomfortable situation.

Keeping your business’ IT running smoothly is essential and these 4 tips are some of the simplest, but the most effective, ways to help ensure that you’re able to do this.

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