What are the benefits of legal IT solutions in the cloud?

Legal IT solutions in the cloud offer law firms and other legal sector businesses the opportunity to do more. From improving responsiveness to market change, to making it easier to be compliant there are a lot of advantages to organising your IT in this way. These are just some of the key benefits of legal IT solutions in the cloud.

A more cost effective approach

In-house IT solutions require sizable up front investment and may need a substantial team on site to manage and maintain them. Switching to IT solutions in the cloud means that the only ongoing costs a firm really needs to consider are manageable, predictable monthly payments as the rest falls to the service provider, whether that is paying staff wages or covering the cost of hardware.

Streamlining your business

A cloud based legal IT solutions provider offers the opportunity for any firm to focus more on the core business. IT has a key role to play in the delivery of legal services today but issues such as network maintenance and hosting servers can be time consuming and resource-heavy. Rather than handling this in-house, opting for a legal IT solutions provider means that everything, from business continuity to applications management and disaster recovery, can be dealt with by external experts, so that the internal focus can be on the law.

Improving accessibility

Cloud-based practice management software makes all systems much more accessible, which gives your business more agility no matter what the current climate is. With an internet connection your team can access all the systems and data that they need from wherever they are based, whether they are in the office or working from home.

Maintenance and compliance

IT never really stops moving and in order to ensure that your systems and software are safe and compliant your firm needs to commit to constant maintenance and monitoring. This is something that a service provider will deal with for you if you opt for legal IT solutions in the cloud. Also important to note is the requirement for staying up to date with the latest software patches, releases and opportunities - this can be difficult to do without a dedicated IT team but is simple when you have the right partner.


Legal IT solutions in the cloud is a simple way to make your business more responsive to change. You can add extra capacity and functionality if the need to scale up arises and create solutions so that they fit your needs right now. If those needs change then the flexibility of cloud-based solutions means your business will be agile enough to respond, fast.

Security and backups

Losing data - or being exposed to data loss - is a potential nightmare in the legal sector. IT solutions in the cloud are regularly, automatically backed up and integrate the most recent security protocols to help avoid the worst happening.

Legal IT solutions in the cloud have some key advantages for firms with security, compliance and agility as key goals. Get in touch with us about our Legal IT Solutions.

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